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Player Request: Kai Wilkins

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Player Request:

Kai Wilkins

     Welcome back to another blog of Biscuits and Breezers! We have another player request! This time it is Kai Wilkins from the West Sounds Warriors in the NORPAC. Kai is 5 ft 10 in, 160 lbs, and is from Wenatchee, Washington, USA. In the 2012-2013 season currently, Kai has 46 goals in 39 games played, 73 assists, 119 TPs, 31 PIMs, 7 power play goals, 20 power play assists, 5 short handed goals, 8 short handed assists, and 4 game winning goals. He is definitely a very skilled player that is a great asset to the West Sound Warriors. I mean if a player had 119 points in only 39 games played, that is saying something fantastic about your skills and hockey know how. I think that this kid is going to go very far in his hockey career and could even possibly get drafted into the NHL. Yes, that might be going far into the future but his stats agree and support that statement. What is surprising to me is that he is only in the NorPac. I think personally he should at least be in the AWHL. That is the lowest level for him. Sometimes when very talented players are stuck in a league that doesn't help expand their talent, that skill can dwindle out so I hope that Kai moves up very quickly.
(Credit to West Sound Warriors)
     Looking at the news and updates for the West Sound Warriors, Kai is one of the most beloved players they have on their team. The team, the community, and the players all love that they get to watch him play and get to have his skills on the team. I believe that Kai is the player that raises the morale for both the team and the fans alike. He would be that guy who is always laughing even though it is some of the most stressful conditions. He is the guy that gives pep talks in the locker room and is always cracking jokes to liven the spirits. A team always needs a guy like this because without it, the stalls would be filled with pessimistic thoughts and a lot of frustration. I know many guys like this and they are definitely the ones favored as team partners or as favorite players etc. He would be the player that little kids press up against the glass to cheer for and for whom they make signs. Kai basically has it all in this team, he has the support from his fans, the compassion from his team mates, and the support to thrive farther in his hockey career. I also know for the fact that his family is very proud of him and supports in him in whatever he does. They are very proud of him and his accomplishments but also his personal life outside of the rink. This guy has it made family wise. I think I will go into family in the next paragraph!

(Credit to West Sound Warriors)

  Okay speaking of family, this guy has a ton of it. Now, family doesn't necessarily mean the tradition definition of a blood related family. Family are the ones that are with you until the very end and help you along obstacles in your own lifetime. That is my personal opinion on what family means and if you have something else fantastic! Back to the topic at hand. I feel very strongly about family and what it means to everyone and I love it when I see guys (and girls) on hockey teams or whatever sport you care to insert into that metaphoric blank and they are absolutely surrounded by their teams and coaches that have become their very own family. Yes you might see a couple of people not joining in for varying reasons but otherwise just about everyone is very closely knit. They are your 20 brothers you weren't given right away. Sometimes you have to earn the respect of them or earn trust or honesty which isn't a big deal. Whoever you play hockey with generally will stick around and keep talking to you for years and years to come. One of the reasons I think that this happens is because you have to rely on everyone so often it just becomes a habit to accept them as your very own blood-brothers so to speak. I am friends with friends of this player and they have so much support for him at every game it is incredible. I personally think that whichever team receives Kai Wilkins next will benefit greatly for all aspects of the game. He is one of those key players that you will never forget and will always want to know.

(Credit to West Sound Warriors)
     I enjoyed writing this blog very much and I hope that you enjoy reading it as well! Thanks for reading another blog of Biscuits and Breezers! Every blog will be filled with updated hockey news, player reviews, and much more! Until next time remember, don't get your breezers in a bunch because hockey is always around the corner. Remember, it's always a great day for hockey and it's a lifestyle not just a sport! Good luck Kai in your future hockey career! I see you going far and for a very long time with the skills that you have been given. Best of luck!

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